nLC4O3LHello, There!

My name is Jocelyn Prokopowich (try saying that out loud) And I am a new Freelance Editor trying to find my way in the world.

I am super friendly and kind hearted (At least I think so), and I try so hard to meet everyone’s standards of beauty while incorporating my own when I edit.  This results in such a beautiful medley of perfection to myself and my client.

I fell in love with Photoshop from a young age.  I started doing simple projects for my friends who played on a lot of online games and wanted artwork done for it of their characters.  As time progressed I took photography classes. Although I sucked at the photography aspect of it, I always excelled at Photoshop. That deep passion for creating things, and for taking a dull photo and giving it a new life has only progressed.

Outside of the computer screen, I work at a Dental Office.  Dreaming of my next project while I answer the phone and listen to another cranky patient.  I come home everyday and work on something new and push myself to learn as much as I personally can so I can ensure my client “Yes. I can do that!”.   With my beloved music in my ears, I set to work.